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Interior VASTU

It is the science of architecture and the environment we live in. The correct placement of decor items will not only ensure financial prosperity but will also improve a person’s holistic well-being.



It is the science of exploring hidden powers of numbers and their influence on human beings. Starting from your name and birthday, as a code, numerology helps to understand patterns of healthy growth and to take more active role in your life.



It is often called the language of stars. Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships of planets in motion, our birth charts and synergy with others; and with that knowledge, discovering the true path for spiritual and personal growth.



➢ Professionally trained Consultant

➢ Scientific Vastu Consultancy with latest instruments.

➢ Solution for Geopathic stress,SBS,EMR,etc

➢ Vastu for fame, recognition and financial strength.

➢ Helps in making healthy buildings with new tools, techniques, instruments and remedies.

➢ Specializes in accurate horoscope predictions and effective remedies.

➢ Helps you to plan your future and make your career with full awareness.

Happy Customers

Sahil singh - Ludhiana

“Sangeeta ji is not only an excellent astrologer,she is also has a very positive personality.Her predictions are so correct and remedies given by her are easy,very affective and simple.God bless you ma’am.”

Payal Sharma - Jaipur

“Had online astrology and numerology consultancy by Sangeeta ma’am.The readings were in detail and very accurate.She has a deep knowledge in her subject.Glad I consulted you.”

Manish malhotra - Delhi

“Vastu would be so affective,I only realized after meeting Sangeeta ma’am.Immediately results started pouring in.The fact is,after Vastu Consultation,my health and financial problem vanished.Thankyou so much ma’am .”

Arun Dahiya - Rohtak

“I am so thankful to Sangeeta ma’am for her Vastu guidance.She is a technically trained Consultant with high intellect.With the interior changes in my office n workplace under her guidance,there is a tremendous smoothness n progress in my work.I highly recommend and will definitely contact her in future again whenever needed.”

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All on-site services will be provisioned on individual basis